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198 pieces

Where in the world?

Bowmanville, ON

The Occurence - TRILOBITE Puzzle




Trilobita is derived from the three (tri-) lobed structure of the exoskeleton.


In geology speak, there are layers of sediment that accumulated...

 Recommended Pairing(s)*
468 million year old scotch, craft beer
*please puzzle responsibly.

Can you handleTRILOBITE?

If you think you can, make sure - read the story. Read TRILOBITE Story
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you need these
  • Good Food
  • Festive Beverages
  • Cheeky attitude
  • Table: Minimum 4' X 2'
  • Friends and Family
  • Video Camera (trust us)
  • Love of gems


Suggested table dimension (Banana For Scale)


Results NOT guaranteed..but likely
  • Excessive laughter
  • healingFriendly Competition
  • whatshotAmazing Time With Friends
  • Supporting Small Business
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Lindsay Formation, Bowmanville, Ontario.  In geology speak, there are layers of sediment that accumulated over many millions of years.  Each layer has a different name. The Lindsay Formation is a stratigraphic geologic formation in Ontario that dates back to the Ordovician period (450MYA) and lasted approximately 42 million years.  Give or take a few months.


We chose this because it’s a really great specimen. And it looks like an ancient louse. And who doesn’t need more of that in their life really.


The bad boy on this box is an arachnomorpha arthropod, a distant cousin to scorpions, crabs and beetles.  The largest of his kind was 28 inches (2 feet, 4 inches) long. Gratefully, evolution asked them to tone it down, otherwise crabs would be a much bigger problem. 

If you study the art of war (and why not really) you would know that this foe is not to be underestimated.  Look closer and you will see that this is the perfect snack-sized puzzle for the puzzler who proclaims “‘I only do 1,500 pieces or larger”.  Also suitable for the budding paleontologist in the family.