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Dedicated to promoting a love of the earth sciences through the artful presentation of prints, puzzles and nerd-gear.

During a freakish coldsnap in the winter of 2018, temperatures outside plunged to -46C, co-founders Michael J. Bainbridge and Brigitte Gall said ‘holy mother of all things holy, but that’s cold!’, and then they started a puzzled company. Well, first they told their friends who were visiting for the holidays not to leave that night or they might die. Then, they watched their friends walk around and around their kitchen table doing a puzzle. And then they started a puzzled company.

Going through the photos amassed by Michael in his decade long career as an award-winning mineral photographer, they set about to create never-before seen jigsaw puzzles, prints, and nerd gear. The duo’s two young daughters and Michael’s mom were not spared, and by that spring the whole family was pulling the sled. Their guiding philosophy is to question everything while being mindful of our interaction with the planet and each other. Also, never let friends drive home when it’s -46C


*please puzzle responsibly.

Can you handle Minerals of Canada, 198?

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