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World Record:


504 pieces

Where in the world?

Cobalt, Ontario

The Occurence - PROUSTITE Puzzle




forms prismatic transparent adamantine dark red crystals which become dull black and opaque on exposure to light. Must be kept in darkness.


The sharpness and clarity of this image is achieved by a process...

 Recommended Pairing(s)*
Moscow Mule, Fennel Tea with Lime and Honey
*please puzzle responsibly.

Can you handlePROUSTITE?

If you think you can, make sure - read the story. Read PROUSTITE Story
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you need these
  • Good Food
  • Festive Beverages
  • Cheeky attitude
  • Table: Minimum 4' X 2'
  • Friends and Family
  • Video Camera (trust us)
  • Love of gems


Suggested table dimension (Banana For Scale)


Results NOT guaranteed..but likely
  • Excessive laughter
  • healingFriendly Competition
  • whatshotAmazing Time With Friends
  • Supporting Small Business
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Christopher Mine, Cobalt,Ontario. Proustite, or ruby silver as it is known for it’s deep red colour, is a product of weathering in rich silver deposits. The Christopher Mine is a rare locality in the Cobalt region in that, on occasion, it produced small but fine specimens of Proustite.


The sharpness and clarity of this image is achieved by a process called Stacking. 457 individual photo micrographs were taken at various focus distances. The final photo combines the sharpest parts of all of the 457 images. In the past, this was only possible with magic.


The scale bar on the box says it’s 300 Microns.  Okay, fine - but what the hell does that mean for those of us who’ve never seen a micron, never mind 300 hundred of them all crammed together?

Take your two pointer fingers and put the tips together, then bring your thumbs in to touch.  The little diamond shaped hole made by doing this would roughly be the size of the field of view.  Now imagine if you were a fruit fly sitting on that specimen, wearing a t-shirt with this image on it.  That’s about 300 microns - give or take a compound eye or two.