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Minerals of Canada, 198

198 pieces

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Elsa, YT; Moyie, BC; Duncan, BC; Rapid Creek,YT; Nanton, AB; Rocanville, SK.; Baffin Island, NU; Lac de Gras, NT; Thompson, MB; Thunder Bay, ON; Silver Centre, ON; Baffin Island, NU; Montreal, QC; Mont Saint-Hilaire, QC; Wilberforce, ON; Nain, NL; Asbestos, QC; Bathurst, NB; Snook’s Arm, NL; Cape D’Or, NS; Parrsboro, NS

The Occurence - Minerals of Canada, 198 Puzzle


When Michael began picking the specimens for this puzzle, he posted...

Perfect for:
 Family Game Night
 Dinner Parties
 Recommended Pairing(s)*
Italian Pinot Grigio, Hot Chocolate
*please puzzle responsibly.

Can you handleMinerals of Canada, 198?

If you think you can, make sure - read the story. Read Minerals of Canada, 198 Story
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you need these
  • Good Food
  • Festive Beverages
  • Cheeky attitude
  • Table: Minimum 4' X 2'
  • Friends and Family
  • Video Camera (trust us)
  • Love of gems


Suggested table dimension (Banana For Scale)


Results NOT guaranteed..but likely
  • Excessive laughter
  • healingFriendly Competition
  • whatshotAmazing Time With Friends
  • Supporting Small Business
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Minerals of Canada, 198Story


The specimens in this puzzle reside in various institutions and private collections. If you’d like more information about the chemical composition, location the specimen was found, or current ‘home’ (Museum or Private Collection of someone fancy), you can find that information on the buy it now page. Each puzzle comes with it’s very own ‘chocolate box’ map.


When Michael began picking the specimens for this puzzle, he posted contenders on his social media page and asked for feedback. EVERYONE had an opinion, a suggestion, a thinly veiled mineral threat… so… there may be a second version.


A weird but true fact - mineral specimens can be famous. Some specimens, like works of art, are known by their more popular public name. The Mona Lisa for example, is actually called La Gioconda.  Trans-American Sedan Championship cars are known as Trans Ams, and while one would think that a group of donkeys should be called an ass load, it’s actually called a pass of asses. True.

Not all of the specimens used in this puzzle are famous, but the silver wire specimen is known as The Question Mark, while the Graphite is known as the The Bluenose, in honour of the famous Canadian sailing ship.

See what we did there?  We just made you smarter.  Mnhmn.