can you beat it?
World Record:


198 pieces

Where in the world?

Tulear, Madagascar

The Occurence - AMMONITE Puzzle




any of a subclass (Ammonoidea) of extinct cephalopods especially abundant in the Mesozoic age that had flat spiral shells with the interior divided by septa into chambers



Clocking in at 112 million years old, we felt that the deceptively simple...

Perfect for:
 Family Game Night
 Dinner Parties
 Recommended Pairing(s)*
Mimosa, Rose Hip Tea
*please puzzle responsibly.

Can you handleAMMONITE?

If you think you can, make sure - read the story. Read AMMONITE Story
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you need these
  • Good Food
  • Festive Beverages
  • Cheeky attitude
  • Table: Minimum 4' X 2'
  • Friends and Family
  • Video Camera (trust us)
  • Love of gems


Suggested table dimension (Banana For Scale)


Results NOT guaranteed..but likely
  • Excessive laughter
  • healingFriendly Competition
  • whatshotAmazing Time With Friends
  • Supporting Small Business
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Ammonites are found all over the world. This particular specimen hails from Madagascar. Other notable occurrences are Alberta (the gem variety known as Ammolite is found in the Bearpaw Formation), UK and Morocco.


Clocking in at 112 million years old, we felt that the deceptively simple complexity of this photo deserved to be meditated over. While die-hard puzzlers may sniff at the 198 piece count, we say, not so fast! Perfect for the serious puzzler, mathematicians, and anyone looking for a challenge without the time commitment of 1,500 pieces.


Within the metaphysical community, ammonites are used to promote prophetic dreams and for past-life recall. In Feng Shui, it’s believed to encourage health, wealth, and enlightenment. The cross-section of the shell is often used in references to the mathematical perfection of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. And, if that wasn’t enough - in medieval times, ammonites were thought to be a protection against serpents, and a cure for baldness and infertility.

WIth all that history and science packed into one small shell, you need to bring this puzzle to your next family gathering (and maybe even cure that bald spot that no one wants to mention).