April 24th ~ 27th, 2014 - Rochester Mineralogical Symposium

I've got the coveted opening speaker spot at the 41st RMS! Join my Thursday evening for Grenville Grunge? Dyspelling the Myth!
Download the full program here:

July 31st ~ Aug 3rd, 2014 - Bancroft Gemboree:

I'll be setting up shop at the Gemboree again this year. Bring something from your collection, bring me your show finds, or just stop by to see what mineral photography's all about! This year I'll be sationed at Robert Beckett's "Community Booth" just inside the main entrance at the Curling Rink bulding.

Ongoing - Recreational Geology in Ontario's Highlands

I've been working recently with the Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization to help them identify, develop, and promote the unique geology of this region, and some of the great recreational experiences it offers. Check out the fruits of our labours here (including lots of Bainbridge photography!):

Ongoing - The William W. Pinch Collection

Together with Lithographie & the Canadian Museum of Nature, and with help from the likes of Dave Bunk, Charlie Key, and George Robinson, I am currently working on a book about how Bill redefined specimen mineralogy.